Boat Warranty Information

Stott Craft, Inc. warrants the hull’s bottom construction against delamination or separation for a period of (5) five years, providing that the integrity of the hull and floor has not been damaged by improper rigging, user damage or neglect. Stott Craft, Inc. does not warrant gel coat stress cracks, fading due to environment, optional accessories (or their installations), rub rails, bow eyes, logos, decals or any other accessories not manufactured by Stott Craft, Inc..

Limited Warranty

Stott Craft, Inc. warrants to the original owner that the boat hull at the time of purchase to be free from hull structure defects in workmanship and will remain ffree from such defects under normal use after delivery to the original purchaser as provided here within the limitations of this warranty. Boat hulls are warranted for a period of (5) five years.

Warranty does not apply to

(1) Damage resulting from:
  • (a) Misuse, abuse, accident, neglect, negligence, vandalism, fire, riot, war or acts of God
  • (b) Structural or other modification
  • (c) Repair or attempted repair by unauthorized persons
  • (d) Engine use or load capacities in excess of the maximum recommended by Stott Craft, Inc.
  • (e) Improper trailering or towing
  • (f) Racing or other competitive use whether for profit, recreation or otherwise
(2) Gel coat, stress cracks, fading or discoloration thereof

Validation of Warranty

To validate the warranty, the warranty registration card and dated copy of bill must be mailed within thirty (30) days of purchase, to:

Stott Craft, Inc.
21295 NW 59 Ave
P.O. Box 551
McIntosh, FL 32664-0551